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Wood Floor Waxing

When you are looking for that natural, eco-friendly and family-safe finish to complement your beautiful real wood flooring, you can’t do better than to choose a pure wax finish. The Floor Sanding Co specialise in wood floor waxing and we are proud to be the premier floor sanding company in south-east England. We are based in London where we work extensively with homeowners and business premises throughout the city and in the Home Counties area.

​By selecting a wax finish you are saying YES to a toxin-free floor and with no harmful odours released into the environment. Your floor will retain a naturally beautiful look to harmonise with your own style and décor, and the wax gives a protective layer to the surface of your floor that will keep your wood looking beautiful for years to come. Wax is a light material and brings the most delicate finish, protecting and tough enough to withstand daily use yet gentle too so that the natural beauty of your floor is not hidden.

Natural wax means floors can breathe

​All finishing wax used by the Floor Sanding Co is a 100% natural blend of pure wax derived from renewable sources. The light construction of the wax we use means wood floors can breathe naturally. If the wax is heavy and lead-based the floor begins to ‘sweat’ underneath the veneer to create damaging moisture which can only be prevented by removing the finish.

​Our wax is therefore light enough to remain on top of the wood without undue penetration. This gives all types of wood flooring an elegant matte finish that is tough, protective and very strong. Natural wax will not change or cover the natural beauty of your wood floor and the grain will be clearly visible beneath its delicate yet robust coating. The Floor Sanding Co recommend a maximum of two coats of wax, depending upon the level of through traffic.

Refresh and restore your floor

​If your floor is a little careworn and dull, a thorough wax polish may be all it needs to sparkle again. Natural wax refreshes wooden floors like no other veneer, and looks great in any style of room. Commercial premises, hotel foyers, restaurants, gymnasiums and other places where a high gloss shiny floor simply is not practical can use natural wax to give your floor a refreshing makeover.

Real wood flooring is a real asset

​Many homes have been purchased on the strength of the beautiful wood flooring. Versatile, practical, clean and undeniably stylish a real wood floor will always be one of the greatest selling points of any home.

Wood Floor Waxing Maintenance is easy

​Once professionally waxed, your floor will be easy to clean. Waxed floors are best swept regularly with a soft brush or very lightly vacuumed. If you prefer you can tie a soft cloth around a dry mop head to effectively remove dust in the corners and around the skirting.

​Wash a waxed floor with a soft mop that is well wrung out. Excessive water on the floor will damage the wax through time. Gently buff with a soft towel. Job done!

​Contact the Floor Sanding Co

​Contact us to arrange your no cost wood floor evaluation and quotation with one of our knowledgeable craftsmen. Our friendly team of specialists are always glad to discuss your flooring needs in depth as well as offering professional guidance, hints and tips on keeping your floors looking great.

​Because we care passionately about every project we undertake, at the Floor Sanding Co we will always go the extra distance to ensure our customers get the floor they really want at the best possible price.

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