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Stairs Sanding, Stripping & Refinishing

Hardwood stairs, when properly treated and given a touch of TLC, can  become a show-stopping feature of any home. Whether curved or vertical, painted  or carpeted, your stairs can become beautiful again the way they were meant to be. As well as wonderfully aesthetically pleasing, a beautifully renovated wooden  staircase is also hard wearing, practical and very easy to maintain.

Restore Your Staircase With Stairs Sanding

​When you want to bring your staircase back to its natural best then it  stands to reason that you should trust only an expert floor sanding company. At  the Floor Sanding Co we have many years experience in the renovation and  restoration of all types of natural wood staircases. From single unit stairways  in homes and small offices to larger flights in hotels and older style  properties, we guarantee to bring your staircase as close to new again as is  possible.

Strip, sand and define

​By their very design, staircases offer limited space to work in, so all  stripping and sanding work is carried out the old-fashioned way – by hand. Although this may seem a daunting and lengthy task for the amateur, for the  true professional it is just another challenge – and at The Floor Sanding Co we do love a challenge!

​We start off by stripping the old veneer and sanding the boards using a  palm or a triangular sander to get into those hard to reach corners. As the  stairs are stripped down their original shape and beauty becomes more defined  and you can begin to see how they looked when first built, and what potential  they have.

Stairway to heaven

​Once the stairs have been taken back to natural wood we will repair any  loose, creaking or snagged boards and fill in any gaps which have appeared over  the years to ensure your staircase is safe. (After all, nobody likes a creaky  staircase – except in the movies!)

​At this stage you will really see your tired old staircase clean lined and  redefined. Once we have a good ‘blank canvas’ to work with, there are plenty of  finishing options to bring an elegant and timeless look to your stairs.

Your choice

​Our wood floor specialist will be happy to discuss finishing options and  offer tailor-made guidance and recommendations so that you get the best from  your stairway. If you like a stair carpet you can opt for wooden risers and  treads with a carpet running along the middle of the stairs. Alternatively, the  treads and risers can be treated with the same colour top coat for a uniform  appearance across the bare wood. Or if you would like something a little  different, go for painted risers and varnished treads – this effect is  extremely effective and is always a talking point.

Stairs sanding specialists

With our vast experience in the restoration of all types of wood stairs  gained across London and the Home Counties, our customers know that our wood  floor specialists really know their stuff. We also travel further afield if  required so please do contact us wherever you are in the UK. All work carried  out by the Floor Sanding Co comes fully guaranteed.

Traditional craftsmen

​The Floor Sanding Co are proud to be known as old-fashioned wood  craftsmen and work equally well with hand tools as we do with hi-tech  machinery. Whatever the job you can be confident that we have the nous to carry  out the work as close to perfection as possible.

​We love nothing more than to transform an aged staircase from a dull and  serviceable part of the house to a magnificent showpiece which will be the envy  of friends and neighbours.

For further information on how the Floor Sanding Co can provide you with  a stunning staircase please check out the website or contact us FREE on 0800 335 7565 and arrange a no obligation visit  from one of our wood floor craftsmen and see how the Floor Sanding Co can help  you transform your staircase into something extra special.