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Wood Floor Staining and Gap Filling

​Wood stain is the ‘top coat’ for your real wood floor – it’s the veneer that everyone will see so the finishing must be professional if your floor is to look perfect. Wood stain also has to be tough enough to withstand not only traffic but pets, toys, spillages and all the rough and tumble the world can throw at it!

​Because a perfect wood stain effect is ultra-important you won’t want to trust the job to a non-professional. Professionals make any type of work seem easy, although we all know this is not the case. It’s better, and cheaper, to bring in the experts to stain a floor than to have them remove a botched veneer before specialist staining can begin.

​At The Floor Sanding Co, our family run, London-based company has many years experience in working on real wood floors, and is your ideal champion when it comes to a perfect wood stain. Choose us and enjoy a beautifully stained wood floor to your specification and style.

Your floor, your choice

​At The Floor Sanding Co we use only the finest grade of materials and carry a wide selection of wood stains to suit every taste. You can use wood stain to lighten or darken your floor. Wood stain can also be used to change the colour of your floor to match your furniture or to cross co-ordinate, whether you’re going for a traditional finish or an ultra-modern minimalist look.

​Wood floor staining can also be used to bring out the original colour of the floor and to accentuate the grain. By using a high-grade wood stain such as those supplied by the Floor Sanding Co, you can have the exact colour you want. Our wood stains give the customer a high level of jurisdiction over the floor colour as the stains can be applied in various ways to attain the desired effect.

​Our wood stains do not damage the floor below and can be professionally removed when required. For customer peace of mind, the Floor Sanding Co will never use products that contain harmful toxins or lingering noxious odours. All our wood stain products are completely free of odour and are water based – good news for homes with asthma sufferers, young children and pets.

​Wood stains are applied either with a roller or by hand and usually take an average of 8 hours to dry, although we do recommend a treated floor is left overnight to dry properly.

​The Floor Sanding Co offer customers the widest possible variety of wood stain choices from traditional wood colour (mahogany, beech, oak) to modern and funky hues (yellow, red, blue). Simply let us know your ideas and style at the time of assessment and we will do all we can to bring you the exact look you want.

​Professional guidance and recommendations

​Because we genuinely care about customer satisfaction and real wood floors, our friendly wood floor specialists will offer you professional and practical advice so that you can achieve the result you want. For example, if you prefer a more natural look our specialist may suggest staining in the form of a coloured wax. This soft veneer brings a subtle tint to the floor whilst enhancing the grain of the wood below.

​Professional wood stain is an inexpensive way to gain a completely new look for your floor.

FREE professional assessment

​Contact us FREE on 0800 335 7565 to arrange your no cost, no obligation on-site flooring evaluation. Our friendly wood floor specialist will listen to what you want and offer professional recommendations to aid the longevity of your floor so that together you can plan the floor you have always wanted

​.If you need further convincing, why not browse our website, play with our handy room planner tool and visit the online gallery? The Floor Sanding Co are here for you and we are always happy to answer customer questions. Call or email us now and set yourself on the path to the perfect floor.