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Wood Floor Restoration

Restoring wood floors to their natural beauty is something that we at The Floor Sanding Co love to do. Our passion for beautiful, natural wood floors means that each and every floor we work on is treated to the highest level of workmanship using the finest grade materials to bring optimum results every time. Whether your floor is hardwood, softwood, cork or parquet we have the expertise and the know-how to return your floor to its original elegance and beauty.

The art of wood floor restoration

​Wood floor restoration is required if a floor is extensively damaged and requires lots of TLC to bring it back to former glory. Here at the Floor Sanding Co we employ a unique 5-step restoration process:

#1 – Professional assessment

​One of our specialist wood floor craftsmen will assess your floor’s current condition and offer recommendations and guidance. We are always delighted to explain the process and to answer and questions you may have.

​#2 – Repair, replace & secure

Any existing gaps will be filled and made secure.  This not only helps to improve the overall appearance of the floor, but also reduces draughts to save you money on utility bills. Next we repair any damaged boards or, if this is not possible, we will carefully remove damaged and broken boards and replace with a close-as-possible match. Floor boards that can be repaired are fixed and fitted safely before being repositioned. All timber used by The Floor Sanding Co is derived from sustainable sources.

​#3 – Sanding

​By using the latest sanding equipment we ensure all our floors are sanded to a professionally smooth finish. Our sanders have an in-built dust collection system that significantly reduces residual wood dust; great news for asthma sufferers and removing the need to vacate the home whilst sanding work is being carried out.

#4 – Staining

When a professional sanding has been complete and the top layer of varnish or lacquer completely removed, your floor will be exceptionally smooth and may appear several shades lighter with a slightly bleached appearance. Now we apply your stain of choice. All our materials are eco-friendly and contain no toxins or noxious substances, so you can choose from our extensive range with confidence.

​#5 – Finishing

​The fifth and final stage of the restoration process is sealing the wood stain. We offer a terrific range of varnishes, oils, lacquers and natural wax and our wood floor experts will be happy to explain the advantages of all or any of these sealants so that you can choose the very best for your floor.

​In order to get the professional finish your floor deserves, your floor deserves professional finishers so ensure the perfect result every time and call in the experts; The Floor Sanding Co. With years of experience in soft and hardwood renovation and restoration, our friendly family-run company has the skill and expertise to bring your wood floor to the highest grade possible, no matter its present condition.

​Restoring wooden flooring is not a job for an amateur as it is easy to overlook small flaws and patchy sanding. When the finishing layer is applied these flaws, once tiny, suddenly become magnified and can completely ruin the look of a newly restored wood floor.

​So if you love your floor, treat it to the best restoration and it will reward you with many years of beauty and of service. To help you keep your newly restored wood floor beautiful for longer, we will even leave you with a floor cleaning kit with our compliments.

​For a FREE no obligation assessment and quotation, please contact the Floor Sanding Co FREE on 0800 335 7565 or email our friendly team at office@floorsanding.co.uk