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Parquet Floor Restoration and Sanding

​If you have a home which was built between the 1930s and the 1960s you may be are pleasantly surprised to find that when you remove old carpets there’s an authentic parquet floor buried anonymously underneath. Almost certainly the parquet will not be in the best condition, but no matter how irredeemable it may look it’s always worth having a professional assessment. In most cases the original parquet flooring can be saved and brought back to life for less than you think.

Parquet Floor Restoration

​With years of experience in all aspects of parquet floor sanding and restoration, you can safely leave your floor in the hands of The Floor Sanding Co. We are a family business that is proud to have served the people of south east England for two decades. Every member of our flooring team loves wood, understands wood and enjoys nothing more than to see a wood floor come to life under our professional ministrations.

Beautiful and valuable

​A popular flooring choice from the earlier part of the 20th Century up until the late 1970s, parquet flooring is now enjoying a resurgence in popularity in UK homes and commercial premises. Parquet flooring is not the most inexpensive way to floor a room, but with some professional care and skill your parquet floor can become a very valuable addition to any type of room.

Parquet Floor Restoration Process

​Before sanding we will thoroughly inspect the floor for any small gaps, cracks, nails or other flaws, which we will repair before proceeding any further. If there are any missing tiles or there are some which are too badly damaged to be repaired then we will source an exact replacement from our large portfolio of UK and European suppliers.

​Next we carefully remove all traces of bitumen, which was commonly used as a sealant and make sure the floor is absolutely level.

​Depending upon the shape and size of the room, the sanding process will be carried out by our specialist sanding machines, and for those difficult to reach areas or on staircases we use small hand held sanders. When all trace of the former veneer has been removed your parquet will be smooth and even to the touch and have a ‘dry’ appearance, possibly being a shade or two lighter than it’s usual colour.

​Next comes the fun part! Because the delicate pattern of the parquet responds very well to our sanding and restorative process, you can choose from a varied selection of matt, satin or high gloss finish using lacquer, oil or natural wax. You can restore the wood to its natural colour or, by choosing coloured wood stain, change the colour completely.

​As its name might suggest, parquet flooring originated in the palaces of the French royal family in the 1600s. Popular designs include herringbone, ladder design, basket weave and chevron and when your flooring has been restored you will be delighted at the retro feel it brings to the room, becoming a talking point for guests and a source of pride for you.

Pamper your parquet

​Any room can be visibly enhanced by the timeless elegance of a professionally restored parquet floor. Once the floor has been fully restored you will find it is easy to maintain with regular cleaning and maintenance.

​The Floor Sanding Co will leave you with a professional floor cleaning kit to say thank you for trusting your floor to us.

​Free home assessment and quotation

For your no obligation assessment of your parquet floor restoration, no matter its condition please call the Floor Sanding Co FREE on 0800 335 7565 or email us via the website and let us transform your tired and dull parquet into a retro masterpiece.