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Wood Floor Oiling

​A brilliant alternative to a traditional wax floor finish is the latest method of bringing the best out of your interior flooring – wooden floor oil. Oils offer the most natural looking wood finish, so if you want your floor to have that time honoured style but without the high maintenance then wood floor oil is the finish for you.

​The Floor Sanding Co use only non-toxic finishing products that are totally odourless and lead-free. A professionally finished real wood floor brings a sense of space and light as well as warmth to any room. You may have noticed that large hotels favour ‘warm’ woods such as mahogany and chestnut to deck out their foyer and reception areas to make guests feel welcome and at home, whereas modern, go-getting corporations often favour lighter coloured ‘blonde’ wood effects. Both of these can be achieved using oil-based finishes.

What it does

​Wood floor oil, when evenly spread across a renovated floor, is absorbed into the wood grain to enhance the natural tones. For example if your floor is oak then the oil will bring a rich burnished look to the wood.If your floor is a softwood like pine then the oil works in the same way, being absorbed into the wood to encourage a sophisticated multi-tonal effect. Floor oils are available in matt or satin finish.

Don’t try this at home!

​Wood floor oiling is another of those tasks that specialists can do with ease. But don’t try it yourself! An amateurishly oiled floor highlights even the tiniest flaw unmercifully, which detracts from the overall appearance. Properly applied wood floor oil goes a long way to concealing wood flaws without going to the expense of having the whole floor sanded and reworked. But it needs to be done properly by professionals who understand how wood oil works and how to apply it to achieve the best result.

​At the Floor Sanding Co we have seen this problem many times and we always advise our customers that although routine maintenance can and should be done at home, any larger floor tasks should be dealt with only by professionals.

​We take our work seriously and what is more we enjoy what we do. It follows therefore that the most important job for us is the one we are currently undertaking and we promise every customer that if they are not 100% delighted with the outcome then we will do everything we can do redress the balance without complaint. However with our professional and talented wood floor team, whose collective skill and enthusiasm for the work is second to none, this has never happened in 20 years of being in business, so we must be doing something right!

Free in-home floor assessment and quotation

​Maybe you are wondering how your floor would look with a new oil veneer or perhaps you are thinking about renovation – whatever your floor needs, take advantage of our free professional assessment of your floor at your home or business premises. Our friendly team of real wood floor specialists will be delighted to inspect the current condition of your floor and offer the appropriate advice to keep your floor looking great at a realistic cost.

​Our quotation will always be adhered to so you need never worry that you might incur additional costs. The Floor Sanding Co does not believe in surcharges. The price on the quote is always the price that you pay.

​If you need inspiration or would like to see some examples of recent projects of ours, please do browse our website. You will also find some handy hints on how to keep your floor looking great for years to come

​.The Floor Sanding Co is proud to continue our high quality service to homeowners and commercial enterprises in and around south-east England. To arrange your home visit and quotation please call us now FREE on 0800 335 7565 and find out how the Floor Sanding Co can help your floor look – and stay -fabulous.