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Gap Filling with Reclaimed Pine Slivers

​Filling gaps in wood flooring not only makes the floor look better but reduces draughts, squeaking and creaking as well as stopping odours, dust, pet hairs and dirt from gathering inside the spaces that can give a floor a ‘dusty’ appearance, even when just cleaned. Gap filling also prevents movement in the boards and keeps the floor tight and draught-free.

​The Floor Sanding Co uses the tried and tested techniques of filling in gaps which is dependent upon not only on the gap width, but also the type of wood and the amount of traffic.

​Because both softwood and hardwood floors will swell and shrink slightly due to atmospheric pressure, central heating and weather it is not unusual for gaps and spaces to appear almost overnight. Although there is nothing you can do to specifically stop gaps from appearing through time you can have them professionally filled so as not to damage the intrinsic beauty of your floor.

​Attention to detail makes the difference

​It is always preferable to have only wood floor specialists to work on your floor and The Floor Sanding Co, with years of experience in all aspects of the wood floor business, are well qualified to gap fill any type of wood flooring to make it good as new.

​We choose to use eco-friendly pine slivers that have come via the reclaimed wood process to fill the gaps. Pine is a softwood and is ideal for gap filling, whatever type of floor you have. The pine slivers are put into place, gently hand sanded and affixed with either plain varnish or with a sealant so you know they will stay in place.

Eco-friendly all the way

​Because we only use filling slivers from reclaimed timber you can be sure no trees have died to fix your floor. Real wood, properly cared for, should easily last the lifetime of the house.

​At the Floor Sanding Co we are proud of what we do and every job, big or small, is treated with the same level of care and respect. Once the gap filling is completed you will find no visible evidence of gap filling around the gaps at all.

Small job – big improvement

​Sometimes it is the smallest jobs that lead to the biggest improvement, and gap filling is a case in point. As well as making the floor look and feel better to walk on, it will be less draughty and much easier to clean.

​For some examples of professional gap filling techniques and other aspects of our work, please take a look at our website gallery. If you would like to instantly see how a floor changes the outlook of any room, try our fun room planner. You can also email us with any questions you may have.

We also offer all our customers a complimentary wood cleaning kit to help keep your floor sparkling and bright for years to come.

​For your peace of mind

We understand that consistently excellent work practice has been the mainstay of our business success and we are constantly looking for ways in which we can improve our service even further.

​The Floor Sanding Co carry full insurance on all work carried out. We are respected members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen and The National Wood Flooring Association. We offer a FREE home consultation and quotation service.

​The Floor Sanding Co is an honest and friendly company that does not believe in the hard sell. So you can contact us with confidence, knowing that we’ll give you the best advice and the best service with no pressure. To arrange your visit and free, no-obligation quotation now please call us FREE on 0800 335 7565 and let us show you how the Floor Sanding Co can visibly enhance your floor.
Gap Filling with Resin Mix

An important aspect of the restoration of real wood floors is gap filling. Time, traffic, central heating, air conditioning and the naturally ‘breathable’ nature of real wood means that all types of wooden flooring will experience a certain amount of expansion and contraction that results in spaces between the boards. Even if your flooring does not require complete restoration, you may wish to seal the gaps in order to eliminate draughts as well as for aesthetic purposes.

The Floor Sanding Co

​The Floor Sanding Co, with 20 years experience in all aspects of real wood flooring, are based in central London and are proud to deliver top class restoration, renovation and wood floor maintenance to home and business owners across the region.

​No matter what type of hard or softwood flooring you have, we can offer the right gap filling solution for your floor. For example, if the gaps are small, around 6mm (1/5th of an inch) or less then these can be filled with a mix of resin paste and wood dust. This is not only the cheapest form of gap filling, but is also the most effective for small gaps. The mixture is quick drying and has no noxious odour.

​Simple method, professionally carried out

​To achieve the perfect blend necessary to professional gap filling we will use a little wood dust from your own floor, which we then mix with colourless resin. The mixture is then carefully applied to the gaps. When dried and hardened the resin mix will have bonded the boards together, leaving a gap-free perfect floor.

Perfection, always perfection

​Because the Floor Sanding Co are perfectionists (as well as experts!), we ensure that every filled gap has blended perfectly with the flooring. If sanding or a little edging is required, it will be carried out at this stage. With work as exacting as gap filling, our specialist craftsmen will use only small hand sanders and edging tools to achieve the perfect finish for your floor.

​When you choose the Floor Sanding Co you are selecting the premier floor sanding company in south-east England and we can truthfully say we have achieved this status due to the high standard of our workmanship. Our customers know that whatever work we are called in to do, we complete professionally, cleanly and with the minimum of upheaval.

We care

Because our reputation as the Number 1 wood floor company in London has been largely gained by word of mouth, at the Floor Sanding Co we know that to maintain that reputation takes a perfect job – every time. Fortunately because we care about our customers and are passionate about wood flooring, this is not too difficult!

​The Floor Sanding Co guarantees all work for customer peace of mind and we are always delighted to offer a free evaluation of the current condition of your floor, along with a quotation. We also understand the strict economic times in which we live and we promise never to charge more than we originally quote. Choose the real wood flooring specialists and avoid unnecessary additional charges when it comes time to pay the invoice.

​Check out our website for details of previous projects, the online gallery and more. It’s easy to arrange your no obligation quotation for professional gap filling and all your wood floor needs; simply give our friendly team a call FREE on 0800 335 7565 and one of our specialists will visit you at a date and time to suit you.

​Alternatively if you have any questions you would like addressed by email, please drop us a line at office@floorsanding.co.uk