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​Concrete Hearth Removal

​It is not uncommon in older property types to discover a concrete hearth lurking below old carpets and vinyls with the fireplace itself having been taken away many years before. Perhaps the new owners installed central heating or the fireplace was not in keeping with the new decor.  With the popularity of the fitted carpet in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s there are still many homes where the hearth remains hidden in place.

​Floor Sanding Co has experienced this scenario many times when we work on the restoration of original floors. Often concealed below under felt, carpets and rugs for many years, it is usually a surprise to the owners to find a concrete hearth lurking there.

Professional hearth removal

​This can be a messy task even for the professionals as the concrete has to be broken up so it can be removed. It is preferable that such a task is done whilst the house is empty but if this is not possible then Floor Sanding Co will make every effort to contain the debris and dispose of it appropriately and at no additional charge.

General rule of thumb

​Concrete hearths have to be cut away and it is unlikely that they will come willingly. In order to save as much of the original floor as possible the usual process is to take away any floor boards around the hearth to save them from damage. Depending upon the size and shape of the hearth we may install additional spar supports if the hearth leaves a gap which must be made safe.

​The floor boards are then re-laid and the hearth space will be filled by using reclaimed timber which is as close a match as possible to the original floor.

Professional workmanship every time

​Safe concrete hearth removal and disposal is never a job for an amateur. In terms of health & safety there will be a high percentage of dust, debris and rubble to remove. All our wood floor specialists have been trained in the disposal of concrete hearths and will always wear masks and the appropriate protective clothing.

​A professional hearth removal will be done quickly and as cleanly as possible. Once the hearth has been discarded and replacement boards fitted then begins the eagle-eyed inspection by our professional flooring team. It is at this point that any flaws, damage, nails etc are repaired or removed before the sanding process commences.

Hi-tech equipment makes a difference

​Because we use only the latest sanding equipment, our sanders leave a minimum of residual dust on the floor and in the atmosphere which is great news for customers who suffer from asthma and other breathing problems.

​If you have young children it is unnecessary for them to be vacated away from the home whilst the sanding work is being undertaken as Floor Sanding Co can work comfortably contained in the one room.

Passionately professional about wood

​Its official – Floor Sanding Co love wood. We enjoy nothing more than to restore a grand old floor from scratch. Our flooring team always delight in seeing the beautiful transformation from dusty, dirty, damaged floor boards to smooth, suave, sophisticated flooring our customers are be proud to own.

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