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Choosing a floor sanding company

So... your scruffy wooden floor needs a makeover. There seem to be plenty of restoration and sanding companies about. Do you go for a local one? Or try further afield?   

Where they are based is far less important than what they do. The principles of selection are the same as those concerning any specialist professionals you call upon to perform a skilled job:

-    they must know their stuff
-    be reliable i.e. turn up when agreed for the assessment and the job itself
-    give suitable advice
-    do the job you agree on
-    be pleasant, polite and give good service throughout  

All at the right price for you!

It’s always wise to get more than one quote. This will take longer, but why be in a hurry? Unless you have a time frame for a new floor i.e. a special event at home, it’s worth taking a measured decision over such a long term investment.

Companies do vary in what they offer and charge. Sometimes widely so. Some are more thorough, some just less efficient and inherently more pricey.  It may be tempting to go for the quote in the middle. You have a budget and want to find the best value. Yet consider: are you willing to pay the price for feeling that satisfied glow each time you survey your new floors? Regret can be too costly, however much you have ‘saved’ on a cheaper job.

If a quote appears outrageously cheap, there must be a good reason. And that’s probably a bad one. Sloppy sanding, poor quality materials, too few coats..

Creating a new floor takes time: in the sanding itself; applying various coats of stain and finish - and allowing adequate drying time. Don’t be afraid to ask for details of every stage: a good company will be able to tell you with reasonable accuracy how long the job will take.

The wonders of websites now allow you to see before and after examples with clear colour pictures. However, the real thing reveals far more..

Ask for testimonials. Are there satisfied customers you can talk to and see their new floors for yourself?  A trustworthy company will be happy to pass on its customers’ details (with permission).  And some of these may be more than pleased to show off their beautiful restored floors.

Of course, a good company is likely to have a full set of customers and may not be able to do the job immediately. Unless you are in a desperate hurry for that new look, it should be worth waiting for.

May we suggest that Floor Sanding will cover all the bases.  

So do get in touch to find out how!

When I ripped up my discoloured carpets which were, frankly, very old, I was shocked at what my floorboards were like. Although I have lived in my home for over twenty years, I had never seen my floorboards before. Not only did they have a variety of colours, but there were many gaps in between as well, and the amount of dust and dirt was frightening! As I suffer from asthma, this was a real worry for me as dust tends to trigger quite a nasty attack. When I explained to Andrew and his team about my concerns and the work that I wanted him to do, he reassured me that he could do this work without any problem. When he arrived at my home, he was very courteous and kept my home very neat and tidy. And the end result? My floorboards look as good as they have ever been, the dust is gone and my asthma seems to have improved too!”

Steve Cracknell, London

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