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Wood Floor Buffing

​When your floor has received Floor Sanding Co’ special brand of TLC and is looking beautiful, we offer the wood floor equivalent of the icing on the cake by way of buffing. We operate the latest high quality wood floor buffing machinery which treats hard and softwood flooring gently and softly, coaxing out the shine without one iota of damage to the floor.

​No matter the size or shape of your room, Floor Sanding Co will ensure your floor receives the shine it deserves. For areas too small for our buffers to reach we will polish by hand in the old-fashioned way.

If you thought your floor looked good before

​You will be absolutely delighted when you see the extra sparkle after wood floor buffing. You now have a floor Fred and Ginger would love. Your refurbished real wood floor will be an object of pride for you and envy for your friends.

​Once buffing has been completed all that needs to happen is for your furniture to be placed back in the room. Should you require assistance with this please do not hesitate to ask our friendly flooring team who will do everything they can to help. If you think this may be the case then do please discuss with your flooring specialist during your free floor assessment.

Why Wood Floor Buffing?

​It is only natural that all wood floors, no matter how well maintained they may be, will suffer dullness and lack of lustre over the years. Whilst routine maintenance is undoubtedly an important part of the preservation process, unfortunately there will come a time when your floor simply does not shine the way it once did.

​Wood floor buffing can be done on its own without the need for sanding, varnishing or anything else. Sometimes a professional buffing job is just what a tired floor needs. Because we at Floor Sanding Co have built our business on integrity and word of mouth referrals you can be sure we will never recommend a floor treatment which you do not require. We are not in the business of wasting our customers’ money.

​Regular buffing lengthens the lifespan of the top coat veneer of the floor as well as bringing extra shine, so it is true to say that regular buffing (perhaps twice a year) will effectively save money in refurbishment in the years to come.

Good practice pays its own dividends

​With our reputation for honesty, the highest quality of workmanship and going the extra mile we reap what we sow in terms of customer referrals and repeat business which makes up a large percentage of our business. We have become the premier floor sanding company in London by the consistent delivery of fine workmanship, customer care and professional good practice.

Floor Sanding Co 

​For information on the buffing process and on wood flooring in general, please browse our informative website. We have an online gallery of before and after pictures, a short video on floor restoration and some helpful hints and tips on how to get the very best from your floor.

​If you have a question which you find is not addressed please do email us at office@floorsanding.co.uk or alternatively discuss it with your flooring specialist during your free flooring assessment. Remember the only truly silly question is the one you never asked…

​Free flooring assessment

​If you would like to take advantage of our free at-home evaluation of your domestic or commercial real wood flooring then please give us a call FREE on 0800 335 7565 and speak to our friendly team who will arrange a visit at your convenience.